Sex In The Animal Kingdom


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July 2021

When we see animals having sex in Nature, we automatically assume it is out of necessity and to ensure the survival of their species.

What if pleasure isn’t a privilege only meant for people?

As astonishing as it seems, animals also enjoy sex. You’ve only got to look at the mating rituals of animals and birds to notice that they are elaborate, unhurried, and have a sense of peace.

In Access Consciousness, sex is seen as a distractor implant because many people either avoid sex, or else pursue it constantly, rather have a choice with copulation!

Animals don’t use sex as a distraction. They embody sexualness which allows them to receive from everything around them, the plants, the clouds, the earth itself!

What if sex could be a joyful and nurturing expression of life without the angst and drama that we attach to it? What can Nature show us about sex?

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