Talk To The Animals Specialty Series


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This comprehensive 12 part audio series has 36 calls at 90 Minutes each on twelve topics related to animals. You are starting with tools on how to effectively pick the animal that will work well with you and your situation to mastering life situations all the way to the last stages of the relationship.

Learn simple strategies and tools that empower you to have the best time possible for your pet and your family. This series covers most life situations you encounter and can be listened to in any order. The tools of Access Consciousness used in this series give relief in situations that might have you stuck. You can overcome behavior issues and difficult moments with ease.

Each of these topics has three calls in mp3 format at 90 Minutes each. Every call has clearing loops you can play separately and PDFs with clearings for you to read.

For more information on each separate call, please click the topics below.

#1: Choosing Your Animal Companion
#2: Your New Pet Is Home! Now What?
#3: Animal Behavior 101: Laying the Foundation of a Relationship that Works
#4: Living With Animals – You & Your Animal Mastering Life’s “Special Occasions”
#5: Care & Commitment
#6: Behavior 102: Taking Your Partnership Beyond Challenges
#7: How Do You Contribute To Creating & Maintaining Your Pet’s Health?
#8: Death Of Your Beloved Animal Companion
#9: Animals & Entities
#10: Allowing Your Animals To Increase Your Wealth
#11: Creating A Relationship That Works
#12: Living Together On The PlanetIf you are willing and ready to learn some tools that shift the underlying causes of any struggles and life concerns, this program is for you.

These tools are fun!
They are easy.
And they are very different.