The 5 Elements of Intimacy


October 2020

Allowance, Gratitude, Vulnerability, Trust, and Honor are the five elements that create intimacy.

Where is sex, you might ask? Why is sex not part of it? Isn’t sex the most intimate thing that you can do with another person? What if that was the lie we all bought, which makes us search for intimacy where we can never find it?

The five elements creating intimacy with you and everyone else each have many components, which we will explore separately in the telecalls:

#1: Do You Honor You?
What if we lived in a world where everyone treated each other with regard? Animals and plants the Earth and YOU included?

#2: Do You Trust Yourself
What if you didn't have anything in the past that was showing you what trust is? What if you had trust in every molecule of your being in your body?

#3: Do you have Allowance for your Stupidity?
A lot of people think that allowance means that anyone can do whatever they want. Being in allowance is having no point of view, and living in ‘interesting point of view’ even when it comes to our mistakes.

#4: More gratitude, less attitude
When you live in gratitude, you live without judgment, and everything you have and encounter is met with the energy of gratitude, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

#5: What is living in Vulnerability?
It is having allowance for you, no matter how crazy you are; choosing ‘interesting point of view’ with every point of view you have; not trying to justify the rightness of your points of view. What if it was easier than you think?

You will receive the audio & video recordings for all 5 calls! How does it get better than that?
This teleseries was recorded in English and translated into German.