The Ease of Change Dec 2023


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Dec 1 - 24th, 2023

***This call is in ENGLISH. Find the German version here - Finde die deutsche Version dieser Klasse hier

The festive season is often portrayed as a magical time of family togetherness, fun and generosity, but for many of us the month of December is extra stressful. There are additional expenses, more demands on our time and so many obligations to fulfill.

That’s why I created this 24-Day Program allowing us to connect daily with the peace and space of nature. It’s an oasis of possibilities in an otherwise busy period.

What, in your life, would you like to change that seems impossible right now?

Most likely, you’ve got an underlying presumption that change is always bad, so better the devil you know…

What if you didn’t avoid change but asked for ease instead? There’s so much more you could be and have in life. Will you actually ask for, and receive, the magic and miracles you have the power to create?

What you will receive from Dec 1st- 24th:

•  24 live interactive zoom meetings for 30 minutes, every day with audio & video recordings
•  a telegram group where you can exchange with other participants and Suzy
•  special daily shop sale discounts!

And you can also purchase this as a gift for that special someone in your life. Would you like to provide this fun and memorable gift?
Just email and ask us how!