Talk To The Animals Creating Greater Possibilities Oct 2024


Creating Greater Possibilities Online
Talk To The Animals Advanced Class
October 25-29, 2024
5:30-9:30am MDT (your local time)

We have so many points of view about animals and how they live, what they are capable of, how they function, and what is important to them that we cannot receive what is true for them.

In the 'Start the Conversation class,' we open the door to energetically congruent conversations. In this class, we further this ability, strengthen the trust in your perceptions, and explore difficult conversations in great depth. We go beyond the obvious problems to the possibilities available when we recognize that animals have choice.

In this online or live class, you will also have the possibility to work with live animals we introduce you to in a zoo or other location. What else can you receive from animals and open the door to greater?

Talk to the Animals - Start the Conversation live or online class
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