Talk to the Animals Specialty Class Mumbai


A Talk To The Animals Specialty Class
(*This class will be in LIVE! Please note: Do NOT bring your pet live to this class. Please DO bring pictures of any and all of the animals you would like to connect with during this class)

How to create a better connection with your pet
Are you seeking a closer connection with your pet or unsure if you’re reading their messages correctly?
Rest assured; communicating with your beloved kitty, or dog is easier than you think. Since it involves subtle energies rather than words, you must learn to trust your intuition and awareness. This is where the Talk to the Animals techniques and tools are truly unique. They allow you to discover what is true for you and your pet.

Some of us receive animal communication in pictures and movies. Some have sensations in their body, or ‘hear’ them speaking. It could also be a combination of these things. There really is no right or wrong way to talk to the animals.

The more you practice these tools, the deeper the connection with your pet will grow. Plus you will enjoy each other much more!

Animals have a tremendous amount of information to share with us. Are you ready to receive their gifts?

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