What Can Nature Teach Us About Creation?


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Is Nature Part Of This Reality?

In nature everything is in abundance! It is always growing and creates itself just from the joy of creation without having a point of view about it. The essence of nature is unfolding and thriving to create possibilities and diversity and that alone implies beauty and joy.

Does this sound like Being this reality?

How do you consider your body in this equation? Do you look at it as a part of nature? Or do you keep it in judgment and separation? Does this reality make you judge yourself and your body, even though bodies are made of the same elements that exist in nature?

What future are we creating for the earth if we maintain the status quo by being entrained into the patterns of self-destruction? What different possibilities are now available? What choices are now available to you that nobody else is able to make in order to co-create with nature NOT against it?

Join Suzy Godsey in this unusual Nature Talks where we are invited to possibilities for ourselves and with nature that are beyond what we imagine possible.

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