What Deal and Deliver do you have with your animals?


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Sept 2021

When Paul first came into Suzy’s life, it was pretty clear that he wasn’t going to be a typical stay-at-home cat. How do you integrate a cat into a household with three dogs and an active lifestyle? That’s where the Access tool called Deal and Deliver comes in.

Contrary to what you imagine, Deal and Deliver is not about getting everything you want. It is to gain clarity in how you deal with the animals (and people) in your life. First, however, you’ve got to be honest with yourself. What really works for you?

What are you after? What are you going to deliver to get what you want?

Do you have a Deal and Deliver with your animals? What is the deal? What are your animals going to deliver? And, what are you unwilling to ask your animals for?

You will receive the Zoom video recording, mp3 of the call & clearings and pdf of clearings.