What Job Have You Given Your Animal?


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What Job Have you Given Your Animal That You Know Nothing About?

Sept 29, 2018

How many times have we appreciated our animals without being aware of the jobs we have given them? What does our praise actually create in their world? Is your animal having fun with their job(s)...spoken and unspoken? ​​​​​What can we do if it is not fun and it is taking a toll?
Has your animal been asking you for a job and you have not given them one? ​​​​​​​Or have you given them one, but you have not been clear on the actual job description?​​​​​​Would more clarity create greater ease for them? I wonder what information our pets desire to share with us about jobs!

You will receive the Zoom video recording, mp3 of the call & clearings and pdf of clearings.