Unusual behavior in animals can change quite dramatically after clearing entities. This can also have a big effect on their bodies.

When working with animals, one of the unusual things I’ve come across is more than one entity, or spirit being, occupying the same body.
Animals usually keep to the same body type lifetime after lifetime. A dog will usually choose a dog’s body every time. Interestingly, if it slips into a horse’s body, it still perceives itself as a dog, which can lead to complications.
Why would an entity inhabit the body of another creature? There are many possibilities. They could have been invited in or else have some unfinished business with the animal and so on.

Mystifying behavior
Whatever the cause, these entities will reveal themselves in both subtle and surprising ways. If an animal displays unusual behavior, always check for other entities. Let’s say 80 percent of the time, it is a super friendly dog, and out of nowhere, it gets aggressive or behaves strangely. Or if you keep referring to your cat being like a dog, you might be aware of something.
Another sign could be getting sick for no apparent reason.
Many years ago, a horse constantly had digestive problems, which is a big deal for them. The owners also said that the horse would come to their house and sit on the porch, which is not something a horse would normally do. Not only did this horse behave oddly, but the other horses also didn’t want anything to do with it.
A man who knew the horse owners called Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness, and asked if there could be a dog entity in this horse. Gary said it was a possibility.
So, the man went and cleared the dog entity out of the horse’s body. Within a short time, the horse changed completely. It never sat on the porch again, and its digestive problems went away. The other horses also started accepting it.
Why did clearing the entity have such a significant impact on the horse? Well, two beings often don’t share the same opinions, and this can lead to conflict. If a dog eats grass, it thinks it must puke, but of course, horses can’t vomit. Things like that will occur.
Please don’t think it’s always an entity creating problems with our animals! This is about keeping an open mind and acknowledging other energies can influence our animals so you have more ways to change a situation.
Getting clear
You don’t have to know exactly what the entity is, to clear the animal.
A simple step-by-step process to clear entities is taught in the Talk to the Animal classes, based on the tools of Access. I suggest asking some general questions first:
I usually ask the animal, ‘What’s going on? Is there someone else in your body with you?’
Based on the energetic awareness I receive, I might also ask: ‘Who gave you this body? When did you enter this body?’ Most entities think they are stuck in the body of the animal without choice. With the clearings, we give them a choice again. We can ask them: ‘Who are you, who were you before that, who were you before that repeatedly, and who will you be in the future?’
Once you acknowledge them, the other entity leaves the animal’s body in the blink of an eye. Usually, they were stuck in the body and are happy to go. Rarely do they come back. Clearing entities can dramatically change an animal’s behavior and has a big effect on the physical structure of its body. Everything truly is possible
One time we came across some kind of dragon in a horse body. It was very interesting because that being only exists in mythology.
The horse was wild and had really strange manners that no one could explain. And we got the idea to ask whether there was a different creature in the horse. It was a very clear ‘Yes’. Then we asked, ‘Are you a dragon or something?’ That was also ‘Yes’.
This being was looking for a body and so we asked the Universe for help. ‘Do such bodies exist somewhere else?’ we asked, and it was really light, which indicated yes.
We said, ‘Okay, you have to go wherever those bodies exist’.
Freeing this being created a lot of relief, and the horse changed completely.

Mystical cats
In folklore, cats are often shown next to witches. What is that all about? Well, some animals give themselves a job, and with cats, it seems to be transforming entities.
Many years ago, I had the privilege of living with Shannon O’Hara, the creator of Talk to the Entities.
Shannon perceives entities and found it fascinating that my cat Bubba could transform entities without making a fuss!
According to Gary Douglas, cats have a special talent with entities. Once again, I suggest you keep an open mind because not all cats can do this. I have come across cats who were scared of entities or would hiss and meow at them. However, teaching them the Access entity clearing seemed to make things easier.

What spooked your horse?
Animals are aware of energies that we don’t always perceive. For instance, if you are out riding and all of a sudden, your horse stops, please don’t belittle them or force them to move forward. Whatever they are perceiving is very real to them.
So, take a moment to be with your horse and say, ‘Okay, I guess you’re perceiving an energy here. What is this energy? Can I assist you? Is this energy in this dimension? Will it harm us?’
Asking these questions will help your horse become aware that what they perceive may not be in this reality. It may be from another time or dimension. Acknowledge their awareness of energy, even if you aren’t on the same page with your animal.
Then you can also ask if you can go around it? Will it kill you to go through? In this way, your animal will become aware that right here, right now, there isn’t any danger. You could even use the Access tools and clear whatever is in front of you.

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picture: Marko Blazevic, Unsplash