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What can the earth contribute to you that you haven't been willing to acknowledge?

And, what contribution are you to planet earth that you’ve not yet acknowledged?

Join Suzy for seven days of exploration through different Access Consciousness tools every day, creating with and for your connection to Earth!

June 20-26, 2022
11:00am MDT

Your local time

You will receive:

  • a 40 minute interactive zoom every day with a tool or several tools to play with
  • the possibility to ask questions
  • the video  & audio recording of each call

Are you ready for change?
$120 USD

This 7 day exploration is a taste of the
6 Month Nature Talks Adventure starting in July until Decemeber!

A steward has no resistance to receiving from the earth.

Being a steward of the earth is recognizing you have a level of communion with the planet that you’ve not acknowledged.
It is not about trying to save the earth or making it greater than you.
Join The Conversation
Have you noticed that during different times of year, it is easier to do certain things because the energies of the seasons support you?
What do you have going on in your life right now that would change by allowing the earth to contribute?
Are you ready to allow the universe to contribute to the future you know is possible?
Get started $120
Dates & Times:
June 20-26, 2022
11am MDT

Imagine Suzy adding the component of receiving from animals and nature. 

Are you allowing animals & nature to add to your life? Are you letting Earth contribute to your future? 
Suzy's Nature Talks are wonderful ways to experience yourself and the nature you are, explore topics and break down barriers with dynamic and unique tools and clearings of Access Consciousness.

If you were willing to stay connected to the earth always, how much more ease could you have?

$120 USD

What people said about previous calls with Suzy:
I love the Nature Talks with Suzy. There are so many or maybe all topics related to nature. Her way of facilitating is unique and being part of that program changed already a lot of my points of view and gifted me so much ease in my life. I can't wait for the next call. ~

I'm so grateful for having all of these changes, shifts, awarenesses, gifts, receiving and much more. How did we get so lucky? Thank you everyone for your questions that contributed so much ~ R.S