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Do you have a capacity with animals
you have not acknowledged?

Animals speak in energy, which also happens to be our first language as people too!

What can we learn from animals that we have never considered before?
Talk to the Animals offers tools and techniques to get more clear on what your animals are communicating to you and what you are communicating to your animal.

What could be possible if you included your animal's point of view?

And what would your animal like you to know?


Next class with Suzy:

Trusting yourself with your animal
June 1-2, 8:30-11:30am MDT
$500 USD / 460 euro

Gain insight into your animal’s behavior and learn basic animal communication techniques. The Talk to the Animals tools are refreshingly easy and fun.

No previous experience is necessary. This class is for everyone!

Play with and practice:
  • A unique perspective on leadership that is more in tune with nature
  • Debunking the meaning of leadership
  • Fun and empowering tools for your whole life
  • Leadership skills
  • Debunk the myths of what animal communication is and is not.
  • Gain a whole new awareness of animals as Conscious Beings
  • Know that both you and the animals have the ability to change anything
  • Create animal/people relationships free of barriers and limitations
  • Learn the multitude of elements that come together as Animal Communication
  • Acknowledge your skills and capacities
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Talk to the Animals Book
"Talk to the Animals" by Gary M. Douglas & Dr. Dain Heer gives you pragmatic tools and techniques to actually talk to the animals and contribute to the earth!

What if peace was a natural state for animals? When you create or tap into a place of peace for your horse, dog or cat, then everything becomes calm, cool and're in the zone. Did you know that every animal, plant and structure on this planet has consciousness and desires to gift to you?

If you are unwilling to receive, then you miss out on what they wish to give you. You also limit your ability to receive in every area of life...the money you can have, what you can experience and what is possible for you!

Did you know animals can talk? It's interesting to observe animals misbehaving when we don't listen to them. They know what they require and they'll communicate that to you, if you're able to receive it. Animals telepathically pick up on all your thoughts, feelings and emotions. That's language to them and they can give you the whole picture of what's going on for them, if you ask the question.

One of the greatest gifts that animals give to us is the way they receive from us without judgment and without limitation. They give us the opportunity to do the one thing that most of us never get the chance to do, to totally gift everything we have without limitation or consideration. What if your animals are more conscious than you are?

When you acknowledge their consciousness, they will start to behave differently with you. They can teach you how to have a more expansive reality and they'll give this to you if you will listen. Animals can help you learn to function with the Earth. That is the gift of being able to talk to them.
Talk To The Animals

Talk To The Animals Facilitators will give you tools to communicate with the animals in your life in a different way. Whether you are already communicating with your animal, or if you are a total beginner, the Access Consciousness tools will you with communicating on a deeper level.

Meet Our Facilitators
Available Class Types:
Live &

A two-hour introduction to Talk to the Animals.
We use the tools from Access Consciousness to erase misconceptions about energetic communication, get clear of limitations, and learn to tune into animals with ease.
(2 day class)

In this 2-day class, you will hone your skills in trusting the energetic messages you’re already receiving from animals.
A highlight is practicing with the cats, dogs, horses, rabbits etc. LIVE in the class.
 (4.5 day class) 

Held over 4.5 days, you will hone your skills ONLINE, and give you a chance to do sessions at a distance.
What have your animals been gifting you that you haven’t been willing to receive? Is now the time?
Advanced Class
(4 day class)

In this advanced 5-day class, co-trainers Suzy Godsey and Viv Adcock delve into the nuances of animal communication and animals as sentient beings.
Participants will also work with animals in a safari park or zoo so they learn to connect with wild animals. 

Are you ready to hear
the animals talk?
Intro Specialty Class
(1 day)
This 1-day class is taught by one of our amazing Intro Facilitators!
(4 day class)

This 4-day training is intended for those ready to be a Talk to the Animals Certified Facilitator.
We will talk about dealing with situations that can come up in class, what you can offer to people, and class creation in general.
Talk To The Animals
Certified Facilitator Training

Are you willing to change the world’s perception of the animals that live with us?

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What people are saying about TTTA

The class allowed me to touch with the depth of beings of animals. I was exposed to the relationships of the animals and people and capacities of the animals during this class.
By participating online, I could see the presence of energy and how it was reaching animals regardless of the distance. ~ E.M


This Talk To The Animals class exceeded my expectations in terms of fun, awareness of animals and practicality. Suzy and Viv are very generous facilitators, kind and patient and thorough. I’m very grateful to all the participants in the class who joined in and all the animals that allowed us to chat with them or simply receive. It was a phenomenal experience. Thank you ~ N.S

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Talk To The Animals YouTube Playlist with Suzy & Viv
Full of fun, resourceful videos for a different possibility with animals

Talk To The Animals Facebook Lives with Suzy & Viv
Weekly lives, asking questions and creating a greater realirt with animals

Change the dynamics of your interactions with animals, cultivating your talents and abilities, relationships, language and communication. The language of animals, demystified.

Is now the time to start the conversation?

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