The Adventures of a baby bat!

I am in Costa Rica at a beautiful resort, where we are having our yearly 7 day event. My friend Claudia and I were setting up the conference room when it started raining so hard that it was hard to hear each other talk. Claudia motioned me to come where she was and pointed at the ground. She showed me this little being on the ground and we both were puzzled over what it was.

After a moment of observing, Claudia asked ‘is that a bat?’ I looked closer and picked it up and immediately saw that it was this tiny bat baby, with it’s eyes still closed. We both immediately started running some body processes from Access Consciousness™, with one of them being ‘exit stage left’, which is a process that allows the body to have choice to either leave with ease or stay.

After about half an hour of looking where this little guy might have fallen from (there was no bat in sight) and holding him, it became clear to me that he was not going to choose death in that 10 seconds and I was wondering what was required next.

We started looking on line and also called a Costa Rican nature friend, who told us that the survival was very slim and that we could not give it cow’s milk. I had raised orphaned wildlife before and knew that getting the formula for the animal close to correct would be important. And as I am writing this it makes me feel very heavy, a tool in Access that alerts you that there is a lie involved.

How much significance has been placed on ‘proper nutrition, when sometimes other things might be more important? Like asking questions and being willing to hear what the awarenesses are! I keep asking the little guy if he would like to live and that if it’s a ‘yes’ that he has to choose to have his body work with the baby formula it is getting. And with my awkwardness in handling his little body. His mouth is so tiny, there is no rubber nipple made small enough to fit! The internet suggested a bristle brush and even that seems so large in comparison!

Did I know anything about bats? Not really, I keep asking questions and it seems I get more and more information by doing that. In the meantime, I am feeding about every 2 hours. He gets my attention when he desires more food. I am not sure how, it’s just like all of a sudden I wake up, or I get up to feed him. Right now I am wearing a tank top and he is holding on the the inside of it to keep his body temperature up.

So what if asking questions gets you just one step at a time? Had he fallen one minute later, or sooner we would have not seen him and he would have surely died. What made him fall? Was there a crack in the wood ceiling he fell through? Was his mother well? Was he well? What was going on? What makes you feel lighter? Without using your mind?

I went this morning again early to see if the mother was there, to possibly drop him back off with her, but so far no luck with that! So what else is possible, my little friend? So far we are 26 hours into the care. He has been such a contribution to me! And an amazing example of the willing ness to choose life (for now)!

If you would like to find more tools about questions and clearings you can use around the Earth, please listen to this tele call that Pam Houghteling and I facilitated together. This little bat could have not picked a better time, it feels like all the tools we worked with in that call were what I used when meeting my small friend! Please cheek that out!