The topic of death and dying is not something that a lot of people have ease with, especially when it comes to a beloved person or animal, so are there ways of making it easier to deal with the transition from life to death?

One of the first questions you can ask is, do animals have the same points of view about death that we do? Everywhere you’ve decided that animals view death the same way that we do, would you be willing to destroy and uncreate that?

For animals, death is a very different thing. They do not necessarily want to lose their physical body and there is this idea of self-preservation and the desire to live, but at the same time the being is willing to let go of the body and transition into the next life with ease. The animal doesn’t really have a point of view about it.

If you have a dog or a pet and you know it’s getting closer to the end of their lives, what can you do in that situation?

First of all, what I often find that makes this time really hard for both of you are all the things that you haven’t been willing to truly say to your dog or be around your dog. What I recommend is taking some time to sit down with your dog and tell him or her how much fun you’ve had together, how many memorable times you’ve had that you have so much gratitude for, all the good and all the bad. Would you be willing to express your gratitude to your dog and acknowledge the contribution that him or her has been to your life? Everywhere you’re not willing to do that because it brings up energies of your dog leaving soon etc, would you be willing to destroy and uncreate that?

What if the transition into this other place could actually be a celebration on your part? What if you could look at it from a place of, OK this is a different phase of our lives together and we are going to practice a different way of transitioning. Would it be possible to celebrate this together and acknowledge each other for what it is and support each other all the way through?

There is a lot of energy on this because we have placed so much significance on this topic, which means that a lot of our animals have picked up on the significance as well and they’re holding on to it too. Often I find that our pets hold on because we are not really willing to let them go, it’s a strange relationship we have all of a sudden when it comes to this place in their lives. What if you could perceive and receive how easy this could be and what if it could truly be a celebration as well?

Something you could do that might give you more ease during this time is to allow yourself to know what is the correct thing at the time when it is required. It is very possible that your animal would like to bring them to the vet so they can get out of their body more easily – if that is required, please don’t feel as if you have done something wrong, or you have done your dog a disservice. Everything that doesn’t allow you to know when it is the correct time for that, will you destroy and uncreate it?

Everywhere you are only looking for when is the correct time for your dog but you’re completely disregarding whether it’s the right time for you – will you destroy and uncreate that?

Everywhere you have made death the worst thing that could ever happen and the thing that ends all, and the most inevitable thing, everything holding that belief in place, everywhere you are unwilling to be, know, be and perceive that death can also be a choice, would you be willing to destroy and uncreate that?

If you are someone who would prefer to transition your dog at home, or allow them to die peacefully overnight in their sleep – here are a few tips and tricks that can help facilitate that. I can’t promise you that it will occur every time but I have facilitated many animals and their owners in this way and what I’ve noticed is that the possibility of this happening becomes much higher if we run some of these processes.

One thing I would like to encourage you to do is to be willing to have more of an expansion and an openness here, so with all this grieving that you have been pulling your energy into and distracting yourself from, ask yourself would you be willing to look underneath all that grief and see what is really there?

After starting to talk to your animal in the ways I’ve mentioned above, the other thing I recommend is to sit with your animal and put your hands on their body and just say ‘All the exit stage left systems, everything that is, destroy and uncreate it, right wrong good bad poc and pod all 9 shorts boys and beyonds’ until the energy starts to run, maybe 3 or 4 times until it gets going. Leave your hands on your animal’s body for as long as he or she would like you to – often they will start to move or wriggle away which means that it is probably enough for them for that particular time.

The other thing I’d like for you to do is to put your hands on your animal and ask for the Restoration of Communion with Earth to run. After you have done that for a couple of days in a row, I would like for you to make an agreement with yourself and with your animal that if they are choosing to leave their bodies then they do so overnight, and the agreement that you have to keep is that you do not check on them at night. I say that because as beings, your animals know how to shut their bodies down, so that is something you can remind them of when ever they are ready and you are ready.

It doesn’t mean your animal is going to choose it on that particular day but you can say things to them like, you know how to slow down your heartbeat and your breathing, so your animal gets the energetic awareness that they have the capacity to shut their bodies down when they are ready. When you are allowing that and having that in their awareness, the animals are capable and willing to just let go and do it overnight. If this is something that is of interest to you, then please run these processes and please assist your animals with this particular energy and this choice. There is so much more ease that is available during this time, for both you and your beloved animal, and the hands-on body processes make it so much easier for your animal to leave or stay and for you to have comfort and peace with whatever it is that they choose.