There are multiple conversations going on in nature, not audible to our ears. It might seem fanciful to some people that trees talk to each other, but I’ve always had that sense.

Science is finally beginning to recognize that trees are social beings. They communicate with their kin, provide nutrients to sick trees, and send warnings when danger is near.

To communicate, trees use the fungi network intertwined with their roots. The mycorrhizal network is vital to the wellbeing of the land, and it gets disturbed the most when we turn the earth for agriculture.

Every time the soil gets ploughed, it exposes the fungi to the sunlight, which has an impact on microbial life.

Turning the soil, even if it’s spade deep, affects the oxygen levels in the soil. It cannot sustain as many fungi and other microbes as it did before. As desertification increases, the soil absorbs less moisture especially during heavy rains. I wonder if this is why we’re seeing more floods around the world.

What is desertification?

There are many definitions of desertification. I’m talking about the loss of vitality in the soil and this isn’t restricted to arid places. Desertification can occur in lush areas of the world and the ocean floor as well.

This is why it is imperative that we look at all possibilities for reversing desertification. What changes can we create, especially with traditional agriculture?

It’s encouraging to find that more people are using farming methods that don’t require the soil to be turned. They are showing it is possible to farm for profit, receive higher yields and maintain healthy soil.

Although traditional farmers remain skeptical and slow to change, what are the possibilities for us to be the change agents and wake up those who are resisting change?

On 1 January 2023, I began running the Reversal of Desertification, an energetic process created by the founders of Access Consciousness Gary Douglas and Dr Dain Heer. We gather daily either on my YouTube channel or Facebook page and run this energetic process for about 15 minutes. People join from India, China, Africa, Australia, and Europe either live or afterwards. I am going to continue it during 2023.

This is not the answer. This is one possibility. After 100 plus days of this process, I cannot say what the result will be. What I know is that I am grateful to everyone who joins in and for their energetic contribution.

You are important. Don’t tell anyone tell you otherwise.

What do you know about the earth, about plants and animals and the way they function that hasn’t yet been discovered by science?

Would you like to know more about reversing desertification including the research of Allan Savory? Visit for some great resources.