What Happens When You Get Too Close?

Certain elements in play will create a greater connection to all things around you. Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer call them the five elements of intimacy.

Most people assume that intimacy is what you have with your spouse or loved one, but what if it was essential with all connections? Even with your pet? What is stopping you from having these elements in your life?

Are you worried the lack of boundaries makes you too open for being hurt? What will happen if you let your protection down? Will the world be a different place? And can you have more when you do that?

Is it possible that nature, the animals, and the earth are interested in contributing to you? Let us explore what the five elements of intimacy can create for you and how nature uses and plays with them, even predator and prey and the trees and the bees! 

I am looking forward to your energetic contribution during our call together!

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