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Creating change for the planet,
all creatures and us

What energy can you be to create a different world?
We’re told that one person cannot make a difference so don’t even try. The problems are too big.

I was told this many times while growing up.

I didn’t believe it then
..... and I don’t believe it now.

So my question is, what would you like to choose now?
We are all seeking a change for the better.
Some of our targets may be personal: better career prospects, happier relationships, or healthful bodies.

If you are like me, you also dream of a different world. Change that includes the earth is really exciting because we and earth are inseparable.
When the earth thrives, so do we.

But the reverse is also true, and we don’t have to go looking for bad news about the environment. It is everywhere.

To me, it is obvious that we have to create our lives differently and make different choices.

Maybe you don’t believe that one person can make a difference. The truth is we are capable of far more than we imagine. We are powerful beyond our wildest dreams. This is not just wishful thinking.

What if it’s possible for us, with our energy, to change what is going on here not just by our actions, but also with our energy?

Where to listen 
What if we could create a different reality with getting together and contributing to the Earth and each other?
If you are new to the tools of Access Consciousness® and want more info on the Access Clearing Statement, go here.

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Please know, that you can make a difference - you have an impact.

What if you acknowledged that and played with that and forgot about all the prescribed ideocracies from society?

What energetic contributions
can we be to
our beautiful planet?

 Imagine what the world would be like if we embraced earth stewardship

The earth knows what must be corrected to bring itself into balance. We’re already seeing changes occurring around the world.

What can the earth contribute to you that you haven't been willing to acknowledge?

It began with reversing desertification.

In January 2023, I started using an Access Consciousness energetic process to reverse desertification on the soil. People from the US, Europe, Africa, India, Australia, UK, and Asia joined me for a few minutes almost every day.

After 221 days of this process, I became aware that the earth was asking for a different contribution.

There are many ways we can contribute energetically to the world around us.

When you receive, you are the gift because gifting and receiving are simultaneous.

So, I would be delighted if you joined me on this adventure of seeking for a greater future.

Not just for us, but also for the creatures living with us.

What would be possible if we tuned into the earth and the animals all the time?

What if you could be an inspiration for everyone else, just by being you?
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