Curious people often ask me, ‘Can we really talk to animals?’
This question is not as straightforward as it seems. Simply because it assumes that unless we use words, communicating will be difficult and lead to misunderstandings.
We tend to think that learning animal communication is similar to learning French, Spanish, or another foreign language. Actually, it’s more about practicing what we already know, but more on that later.
Thirdly, most people are out of touch with their energetic abilities. Or else, they think these are mystical talents and you’ve got to be specially gifted. This is just not true.
Anyone can SPEAK with animals. However, you’ve got to be willing to receive ALL energies, use pragmatic tools (like Talk to the Animals), and practice a lot.

What is meant by animal communication?
To me, every being on earth has the capacity to express itself. That includes the animals that live with us, our beloved cats, dogs, and horses, as well as creatures in the wild, plants and other things.
This communication occurs energetically, and you already doing it. Every time you perceive an energy in your surroundings, joy, excitement, anger, fear, worry, etc. you are in communication.
There is not one person who doesn’t communicate energetically.
We are all animal communicators.
We can understand each other.
It’s really about practicing our particular skills and letting any definitions of ‘right’ communication go.

Obstacles to effective communication
The number #1 obstacle to effective communication is categorizing the energies we will and won’t receive.
This is very obvious in the animal world because not every creature is cute or cuddly. For example, are you willing to receive from a fly? Or do you just want to kill it?
Let’s take snakes or rats. Both these creatures are almost universally despised. Most people would run a mile rather than receive from them.
There are numerous energies that we don’t want anything to do with due to our judgments. We welcome the good things and avoid the bad. As long as you’re refusing all of these energies, you won’t recognize the contribution they can be to you. For instance, if you’re willing to receive a snake, and you go hiking in the wilderness, you will know not to step on them even when they are concealed in the grass.

Why bother talking to animals?
Personally, it’s great fun because animals are authentic. They have information to share with us, and it also makes life much easier.
For example, you may have a cat that is scratching the furniture or a dog that is chewing your possessions. Most likely, you have already decided why it is misbehaving.
We don’t think of asking the dog or cat, ‘What is going on here? Why are you doing this?’
We assume the animal has a particular reason for acting up. If you were willing to receive what is going on, you might discover something completely different. That, to me, is animal communication. It’s an energetic exchange.
I am not suggesting that talking with animals means you will suddenly have an obedient animal. Does that ever work with children? No! This is where our leadership skills come in and the more we build trust with animals, the easier that becomes.
As people, we are not alone on this planet. Even in large cities, there are many animals to be found. Let’s acknowledge that we are communicating energetically and build on it, so that life becomes an interesting adventure.

If you would like to improve your leadership with animals, please join my Talk to the Animals class from February 24-25th 2024 online. Held over 2 days (3 hours each day) it’s a great space for asking questions about your pets, practicing your skills, and honing energetic communication techniques.