I often see people picking a pet because it’s cute, a certain size, or it was the breed that they had before and fell in love with.
Rarely do they enter the relationship with a complete sense of the animal and whether they will be compatible with each other. They almost never look at how this new addition is going to work for all concerned in the home.
When frustrations arise with our pets, most people try to work through them because of their commitment to the animal. For minor misdeeds, this is absolutely the correct thing to do. Your puppy will eventually grow up and stop chewing things and learn to poop and pee outside!
However, if your animal is driving you crazy with a particular behavior you may need to look at your relationship and if it is truly working.
The interesting thing is an animal knows that you will respond to their shenanigans. So, what they are trying to tell you by their behavior?
I’ve had many private sessions with people where a pet (usually a cat) was peeing all over their homes. It was really clear that the person didn’t desire to have the cat any longer, but they thought nobody would take an animal with a ‘problem’.
I always encourage them to ask more questions. Will your cat pee everywhere in the new home? Most people assume the problem is going to move with the animal, instead of recognizing that the animal is creating a situation so the people will look at what’s really going on.
From my experience, when a pet-person relationship breaks down, it is always from both sides. The animal is aware of it and the people know it too. This is where it may be helpful to have someone impartial, a friend or even an animal communicator ask you questions because with our animal we usually have blinders on!
By looking at the situation impartially, people might realize the relationship hadn’t worked from the beginning. They never clicked with the animal. No one is wrong or to blame ― it simply wasn’t a good match. That dog or that horse was never meant for them.
In these cases, I encourage them to be grateful for the times they spent with their pet and consider moving the animal on to another home.
Funnily enough, I’ve also noticed that when you make that choice, suddenly the problem goes away. This doesn’t mean you must keep the animal after all. No, you made a choice and the animal knows it. They have relaxed because a choice has finally been made and they’re waiting for their new home. And, this can show up much quicker than you would expect.
With my dog, a Pitbull named Savannah I finally realized she didn’t like me traveling for work all the time. It made her really unhappy. She wanted somebody who was going to be with her and I had to honor that.
Within a day of placing an ad, Savannah found a new home. We went and met the person, he liked the dog, and it was a done deal. I never got her back.
It was interesting to see that when something is not congruent energetically, how quickly things can shift and change if you allow it to.
Please don’t assume that every time your animal plays up, that means they are unhappy. I encourage you to always ask more questions about every situation.
Nor is this a way to avoid dealing with sickness or death if you’ve got an older animal. Always consider the welfare of the animal and what is in their best interest. What if going through the last stage of their life with them is a great kindness and you could have ease with that also?
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