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“The changes that can be created by using the tools of Access Consciousness have showed me that miracles are truly a possibility on this planet.

Things we decided cannot change in an animals behavior, or in our relationship to the animals can be dissolved and recreated in a totally new way. The possibilities are vast if we are willing to change and also allow our animals to be different.

What if we created a world where animals and people communicate with ease and where we are the stewards of the planet, instead of destroying it?”

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Nature Talks
December 2021
More info coming soon!

Nurture Your Body With Nature

31 Days in December with Suzy Godsey
Starts Dec 1st, 2021
An incredible month of daily tools from Suzy Godsey (via Zoom) creating greater ease with the holidays, your body and family by connecting to nature.

ESSE Essence

With Suzy Godsey & Andrew Gardella
January 14-17, 2022
What is the essence of what you know about bodies? What is the essence of what you can be? What is the ability to be with bodies that you have not considered or chosen?

ESSE for Bodies

January 21-23, 2022
EUR 1,275
Discover what you know about bodies, discover you own healing capabilities and leave with more awareness of bodies and how they can change and how that change can contribute to your life.

Talk To The Animals Start The Conversation

Online *This class will be in German, to request English translation please email
March 2-6, 2022

Whether you are an animal lover who would like to have more connection with our furry and feathered companions, which is really possible, or whether you work with animals professionally and want to have even more effective opportunities to expand your work, then this is your class!

Suzy & Charlie co-authored a book!

Their story is now published along with 13 other dog lovers, in an inspiring collection of stories about the special bond and love between humans and canines!

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