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“The changes that can be created by using the tools of Access Consciousness have showed me that miracles are truly a possibility on this planet.

Things we decided cannot change in an animals behavior, or in our relationship to the animals can be dissolved and recreated in a totally new way. The possibilities are vast if we are willing to change and also allow our animals to be different.

What if we created a world where animals and people communicate with ease and where we are the stewards of the planet, instead of destroying it?”

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Clarity Nights

$25/call or $320 one-time and save!
Join Suzy for a series of 14 Clarity Nights, all about MONEY!
Next call: Sept 8: Have you mortgaged your life?
Sept 20: Does Money buy you friends?

Join Suzy in finding more clarity and ‘clearing’ specific areas of your life and MONEY using the tools, techniques and processes of Access Consciousness®. Join all 14 and save!

Talk to the Animals Introduction
Happy World Animal Day

*This class will be in English
October 4, 2022

Join Suzy for a free conversation on Animal Communication and Access Consciousness Tools.

Conscious Horse Conscious Rider 2 Day Class

Bleiblerville, Texas
October 8-9

Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider combines stunning and unique outlooks on communicating with horses, to improve the performance of both horse and rider. Develop a deeper connection with the animals, the ability to talk to, and hear them, and to facilitate a different possibility.

The Advanced How To Become Money Workbook

*This class will be in English, to request translation please email
Find the German version here – Finde die deutsche Version dieser Klasse hier
Nov 12 – 16th & Nov 21 – 24th, 2022

This class is designed to facilitate the insane and limited points of view you have created around money, and to create more ease in your life and living with a lot more money and currency flows. If you could change your financial reality by looking at the points of view you have about money, would you choose to?
*Please note this class has pre-requisites!

ESSE for Bodies

Nov 13-15
In this 2 to 3 day workshop you will learn hands on techniques and learn how to listen to the body. You will discover what you know about bodies, discover you own healing capabilities and leave with more awareness of bodies and how they can change and how that change can contribute to your life.

31 Days of Radical Receiving

Starts December 1st, 2022
Online, daily for 31 days
What if, this Season of Giving, could also be a space for you to receive?
Receive ease and peace no matter what is going on…
Receive joy and possibility…
Receive the magic and miracles that you create!

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